Logo Design

The logo of Vibrant Voyages - a luxury travel firm (www.vibrantvoyages.com) is inspired from a child's windwheel. It symbolizes the fun element and childlike curiosity - two emotions that are nurtured by travel. The form also symbolizes a wheel - where all journeys begin.

Another symbolism that inspired the logo is the 'swastika' symbol - symbol of the auspicious, which the logo resembles - simply wishing its clients bon voyage!

New corporate identity for a group of companies dealing in aromatic & specialty chemicals

Identity design for a photography venture

Identity Design for an Experiential Travel Design Business

Logo for the brand EGO. Ego is a private label by a fashion designer. Logo represents the brand's central idea of discovering one's own identity and treating it with topmost priority - an attitude commonly known as EGO. The logo reflects this theme and the name perfectly. The lines become heavier and heavier as one moves towards the centre of the logo. Centre is formed by an E followed by a lighter stroked G in the middle ring and the lightest O as the periphery.

Logo - Akarsh Exports. Business: Diamond manufacturing, import & exports. The logo features ‘A’ & ‘E’ designed & styled to also denote the characteristic diamond rough shape - an octahedron. Another interesting feature incorporated in the logo is that the ‘A’ & ‘E’ are actually the same shape. E is derived by rotating the A by 180⁰. The color scheme used is the strongly associated with the diamond & jewelry industry.

Logo - Design ESTHESIA.

Esthesia : Sensitivity, ability to perceive, an image. The logo primarily is an E formed by layers growing out of an origin in a graduated pattern. Sensitivity towards one's surroundings lies at the foundation of all growth.

Identity for an 'online-tests for school children' business.
'Pariksha' is a Hindi/Gujarati word which means 'exam'.


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